Learn to surf the regulatory wave

Spot the wave

The regulatory landscape is constantly changing. However, spotted early and handled well, rules have great potential upside. They are a motivator for important strategic moves and there are competitive advantages for early adopters. Early awareness helps your company navigate uncertain waters and safely make it to shore. We help companies to increase their agility. By acting as (Agile) project manager, consultant or trainer. In this way we help to create value for organizations and their customers.

Prepare yourself

External and internal factors have great impact on your direction, speed and risk tolerance. Your challenge is how to anticipate, adapt, maneuver and stay in control. We can make your organization “regulation ready” using your own internal (re)sources and in an agile way. It’s all about enabling ownership and rapid decision-making and teamwork. We work with sprints and regular touch points. This way we understand what the client and end user need.

Find balance

Within the turbulent sea of regulatory changes financial firms have to ensure they maintain compliance and stay secure. Processes, policies and business rules must be designed in such a way that they support the agility of a company. At the same time, they must ensure that the organization is compliant. Those wishing to meet these updated compliance standards, must regain their balance and ride out these new waves of change. With our specialized trainer we can teach teams to deal with change mindfully and to stay in balance.

…and accelerate

Services is a people business, but technological developments go fast. Innovation has become a a critical factor for commercial success. Technology has a simple goal: to bring people closer together. We believe that products improve thanks to innovation. Therefore, we break through fixed patterns. Whether you are a fintech or an established name, you’ve come to the right place. We assist start-ups as well as incumbent players on regulatory matters.

The best of two worlds: extensive regulatory knowledge and the ability to design and implement fit for purpose solutions for financial institutions. International field of activity and extensive compliance monitoring and advising experience. A high quality multifunctional consultant.
Ben Hur, Chairman,

Fintech support

Innovative start-ups and technology firms may not necessarily be familiar with the financial sector and how their products or services intersect with financial regulation. Dialogue between regulators and the industry through this dedicated hub has also helped in bridging potential knowledge gaps.

Fintech applications are developing at an increasingly faster pace, creating new opportunities to achieve better outcomes for consumers. At the same time, as with any change, new risks and vulnerabilities may arise. Therefore the Dutch regulators AFM and DNB have established a dedicated fintech concact point, the so-called InnovationHub. For this reason, the AFM and DNB are exploring the possibility of introducing a regulatory sandbox framework, under which fintech companies offering financial services may be granted certain regulatory flexibilities in order to experiment with fintech solutions in a defined environment within specified timeframes.

We have been involved with the so-called InnovationHub from the market side as well as the regulator side. In the recent past we have assisted the well known Dutch fintech bunq with its license application and the set-up of its  compliance framework, as well as other fintechs such as payconiq and Yolt. Recently we assisted the Dutch regulator AFM with the roll out of the InnovationHub.

Our work for traditional firms

From banking and wealth management to oil & gas, family offices, trust companies and regulatory authorities, we service a wide variety of clients within the financial services industry. Our work draws on more than 20 years of experience. We have deep experience across industries and help financial services institutions to be compliant and to plan for evolving competitive and regulatory landscapes.

We work with our financial services clients as partners. Together we develop clear, practical action plans, and support he implementation of those plans. We have worked with leading financial services companies in many strategic and regulatory areas. We develop insights that work for our clients. Our approach and recommendations are highly customized and lead to practical actions.

Regulatory Wave is a trade name of Pijnse van der Aa B.V., registered with the Netherlands Bar.